Do you feel out of control?

I did, until May of 2018, when I started transforming my life. It took me three months to completely change my mindset which resulted in successes: I wrote and published a book in three months, I feel more connected to my soul and feel better every day about my body and mind. I’ve spent the last two years on this beautiful journey of transformation and self growth. I’ve spent 1000+ hours on learning from others, coaching, discussing, thinking, self reflecting and inspiring other people.

Imagine achieving the following

  • Having a clear definition of your vision and goals
  • Being focused, calm
  • Being limitless and free
  • Growing continually both professionally and personally
  • Being organized both on projects and daily activities level
  • Being in the flow and being present

My mission

My mission is to inspire others to reach their potential and their goals quicker, with less stress. I believe that if I manage to create a positive impact on your life, then you will pass this positive impact on other people. Humanity has enormous power and if we harness these energies, if we support and help each other, the limits are endless. Everything starts here and now, with changing myself.

My values

  • Integrity – I do as I say, I say as I do
  • Quality – I provide high-quality and tested frameworks and tools
  • Simplicity – I provide highly efficient, easy to use tools and processes
  • Trust – I create a trusted, open environment
  • Creativity – I leave room for fun and use creative methods
  • Environment – Protecting the environment as much as possible

Who am I?

  • I wrote and published my first book “Focus” in just three months
  • I wake up early, meditate and exercise daily
  • I help refugees to learn to code and get full-time jobs (Powercoders)
  • I submerge in Zurich lake, even during the winter
  • I biked in -8 degrees to +35 degrees in 6 countries: 7410 km, 426 hours, 239000 calories burnt, 135363 m elevation gained in the past 5 years.
  • I am living a healthy lifestyle: I eat a healthy diet, I mountain bike, road bike, and snowboard as much as possible
  • I’m a self-taught author, aspiring master life coach (accreditation in progress), entrepreneur, painter etc.

Please check my books or my coaching services if you are interested.   If you would like to ask for my help or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me.   I’m grateful that you are here. I wish you a successful journey, regardless where your journey takes you.

András Kapros

There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings