This website is about you. My goal is to write about a few things I’ve done to transfer my life. I would be absolutely glad if some of these things will help you too! I’ve changed my life completely in two months. I don’t say I’ve solved all my challenges however I feel much much better than before. I feel this change so strong, I would never imagine going back to my old way of life. I feel more fulfilled, happier, more calm. I know that I’m heading in the right direction.
I set my goals and created a purpose, and every day I’m working to get closer to my goals. Step by step. And I would like to motivate you to create your own goals, purpose and your own reality. Much of what we experience in our life is created by us. We can’t change the whole world however we can change ourselves and our thoughts. Sometimes a small change in our mind results in a big impact. And I guess you’re here for a change. Great! I’m proud of you already as you did the first thing and recognised that there is a need for change. Constantly.
  The only constant is changeHeraclitus
The process is simple, really: never compare yourself with anybody else other than yourself from yesterday. If today you are a better person than yourself from yesterday then you are on the best track. Don’t expect a change overnight, however expect a lot of small improvements in your daily life, the more things you change in yourself, the more things will improve in life. We all create our own reality. Your thoughts, believes and words are much more stronger than you think and they affect you and those around you. I ask you to think about this for a moment. Our words are very powerful. Use them wisely.
  Speak only if it improves upon the silence.Mahatma Gandhi
Some of my articles suggest changes in your life. I don’t ask you to trust me saying these are good. Be skeptical, try them out. See it for yourself what works and what doesn’t.
I only ask you to do one thing, if possible: either do it 100% or don’t do it. It doesn’t matter if you start small. I’ve started small. Waking up just a bit earlier, training just a bit every day. You can start meditating for five minutes a day. The trick is to be consistent. Do it, no matter what. You’ll see progress quicker than you expect.
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András Kapros

Aspiring coach / mentor / author