Do you feel overwhelmed by your tasks? Do you feel out of control?

I did. I transformed my life and I’m sharing the processes and tools on how I did it. It took me about six months to completely change my lifestyle. It all started slowly, however, this shift in my life resulted in a lifestyle which I enjoy a lot more. It keeps me focused on my goals, it keeps my actions in the direction I would want to head.

Why do I share many articles, tools, videos?

I’m glad that you ask. I would be glad if my processes, tools and way of thinking would help you too: to provide you with the tools to boost your productivity and transform your life. To better manage your time and achieve your goals.

Imagine achieving the following

  • Having a clear definition of your vision and goals
  • Being focused
  • Being calm
  • Organized both on projects and daily activities level
  • Being in the flow and being present
I truly hope that my articles and other tools will help you to achieve these goals.

Who am I?

  • I wrote and published my first book “Focus” in just three months
  • I wake up early, meditate and train every day
  • I am getting closer to my goals every single day
  • I am heading in the right direction
  • I am living a healthy lifestyle, I commute to work by bike.
  • I enjoy mountain / road biking, painting, 3d printing, writing, discussing, thinking, planning
Please feel free to check my books or my coaching services.
If you need help or have questions, stories to share, suggestions, please feel free to contact me

András Kapros
Author / aspiring coach, mentor