Clean desk policy explained

Have a decluttered, clean desk in your office and at home.
You’ll be able to focus a lot better if piles of papers don’t distract your attention every few minutes.
Remove everything from your desk which you don’t need every day. Things to keep: post it notes, clean papers, pens or pencils in a holder.
My father had a master when he was learning as a technician. The master said he’ll close his eyes and someone can say the name of a tool. The master then easily went to the proper part of the workshop and removed the item from it’s place.
If you can’t keep your office or workplace organised, how do you expect that you can keep your thoughts organised and not wander when you need to focus?
So it’s highly recommended that you have a clean desk, and you have a way to organise everything into drawers, boxes and other places. If you always put something in the same place, you’ll never have a problem finding it. Trust me, this will save you a lot of time. I have a nice system on how I store my things, papers are organised into properly labeled folders.

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Written by András Kapros
Author, Productivity evangelist, Investor | András is helping teams to achieve excellent customer satisfaction by transforming mindsets and optimizing processes. He has 15+ years of experience of managing teams in multi-cultural market-leading companies in Switzerland and Hungary. Others say that he is organized and has a good overview of the projects he is working on. He spent more than 3500 hours on studying personal development and productivity. He wrote and published his first self-help book from scratch in three months. Write an e-mail or book a productivity call with András