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What is coaching? Coaching is not about giving advice: coaching is about really making a trusted relationship. Being able to connect on a deep level and this leads to a deeper understanding of yourself deeper understanding of your actual situation.

If we work together for about four-five sessions usually there is an “aha” moment.

That’s when you could realize something very very deep that was subconscious before. Something you didn’t know even though you were acting on. These subconscious patterns usually come from early childhood by our social environment (family, friends, school). Studies are showing how these inherited behavior patterns are passed on (generally more non-verbally than verbally).

Once you have this aha moment you could really learn about yourself, and move ahead in a better way to build a better, simpler future without self-sabotage.

Reaching your dreams and goals is crucial to living a fulfilled, harmonic life. Coaching enables you to find the shortest and easiest path to reach your goals, and it inspires you to overcome any obstacles in an effortless way.

Business coaching – develop your entrepreneur mindset

I offer business coaching for IT and Creative professionals who would like to start or grow their business or take the next step in their career. Defining a clear vision, overcoming our fears and self-limiting beliefs, mitigating risk, and handling uncertainty are the main topics.

Well-being coaching

Well-being means we feel great in our body (and mind) every day. Well-being coaching is all about a healthy mindset, a well-balanced diet, exercising, enough sleep. The success of my clients: one of them stopped smoking and started to pay attention to eat a healthy diet, another person started to run every single day (2 months and counting).

Coaching might not be for everyone and it might not work in certain situations. I recommend having an initial call where we will discuss your vision, expectations, and clarify any open questions. We will also decide if I’m able to help you in the best possible way, or if someone else might better be able to serve your needs.

Frequently asked questions – videos

Why me?

  • “I could strip my soul naked while we talk, there is no judgment” – precious feedback I got from a client.
  • I maintain a collection of about 100 different tools so I could offer a fitting tool for different situations. I’m not simply recommending these tools, however, I choose them based on feedback from clients and I use them daily!

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  • Take that next step in your career which you always wanted to do
  • Improve negotiation, networking skills, online presence
  • Increase your work satisfaction


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  • Define and reach your health goals
  • Find out / overcome your limiting beliefs
  • Focus on improving diet, exercising and sleep


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  • Build open and trusted relationships
  • Improve existing relationships
  • Find new friends and networking opportunities


  • Develop your business from scratch
  • Take your business to the next level
  • Business plan, niche, marketing, sales funnels


  • Define your budget
  • Be in control of your finances, find the best investment options
  • Find the balance which works for you

(Executive) Work-life balance

  • Find harmony between work and life
  • Define your perfect life
  • Find out underlying things which might stop you from doing the things the way you want them

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