Evening routine

Bike home from work
I bike home from work, occasionally I visit the nearby lake on the way back and stop for about 30 to 60 minutes to swim and relax.
Healthy dinner. Ideally not later than 1 hour before sleeping time.
Work on my actions
I get rid of some more actions. I’ll chose based on priority and energy level. I usually review my action organizer too (Trello).

I relax, which usually means reading a scifi book, watching some easy videos etc.
Finalize the day
Rate the mood of the day, think trough the events and causes, write down rating to my notebook.
I meditate usually 15 minutes in the evening, mostly outside. I sit down in front of the apartment house I live in. Luckily there is a small farm next to this house, so I sit in the grass and have a great view. I use insight timer to measure the time for the meditation. I sit in seize and do zazen which is typical for the Zen Buddhist tradition.
I go to sleep at 22:00-22:15 and track my sleep with sleep cycle.
I think my long term goals trough as last thing of the day, and if I made progress on these.
Written by András Kapros
Author, Productivity coach, Investor | András is helping entrepreneurs and individuals to be more focused, have more time and energy while reducing stress. He has 8+ years of experience of managing teams in market-leading companies in Switzerland and Hungary. Write an e-mail or book a productivity call with András