How to program yourself to be successful [Success Mindset Minutes #1 video]

✅ How to program yourself to be successful

Today I’m bringing you the idea based on the studies by Dr. Bruce Lipton.
What he found out about EEG brain scans is fascinating.
The brain of an adult and a child works very differently.

0:00 Intro
0:05 Idea – How a child’s brain works + programming success vs non-success
1:31 Question of the day: Do you think you’ve been programmed to be successful?
2:55 Good news – solution: 1 tool
3:56 Action: the solution
4:12 Outro

A child until 7 years old has theta brain waves and that is a lower frequency than an adult (using alpha and beta brain waves).
This means that a child is very creative, imaginative.
This also means that a child is in a state similar to hypnotic trance, so she would learn anything seen in her environment:
things that parents do and say
things that brothers, sisters do and say
things that happen in the social environment (relatives, school, etc).

These things get programmed into the brain of a child! Once the child grows up, they will run these subconscious programs 90-95% of the time.
If you’ve been programmed with a success mindset you’ll be successful.
If you’ve been programmed with an unsuccessful, struggling mindset, that’s exactly what you’ll experience later.

So why do you think children with poor parents remain poor and children with rich parents remain rich in most cases?
It’s all about the mindset and programming. Robert Kiyosaki shows a perfect example in his Rich Dad, Poor Dad book.

Question of the day
Do you think you’ve been programmed to be successful?

The good news is that you can reprogram your subconscious mind, the simplest tool is:
Repetition: overwriting the “bad” programming with successful programming.
Bad programming: patterns, things you believe and repeat that hold you back
Successful programming: patterns, things you believe that get you closer to your goals, to your success

Write down 3 positive affirmations
Read them every single day
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Be the 1% who takes action

Written by András Kapros
Business coach, well-being coach, aspiring master life coach | András is helping IT and creative professionals to transform their business idea into reality. After 15+ years of experience as a freelancer, and managing IT teams (Front-End, User Experience) in multi-cultural environments in Switzerland and Hungary he took the next step. He transformed his life as well as his career. In 2019 he started working as a business and well-being coach. His Master Life Coach Certification is in progress and will finish within this year. He started his youtube channel in 2020 producing one video per week on topics: entrepreneur mindset, getting unstuck, being efficient, increasing focus. He spent more than 3500 hours on studying personal development and productivity. He wrote and published his first self-help book from scratch in three months. He loves mountain biking, snowboarding, and he is vegan.