Inspirational Music #1

My choice of music really depends on my mood, I really like to listen to almost every kind of music. Now let’s move onto the recommendations:

1. David Gilmour – On an Island

I’ve always liked Pink Floyd, I think I’ve listened to the wall album a couple of times, before actually watching the wall movie. I got my hands on this record, and it became one of my favorites from the beginning. This one is the third solo album from David Gilmour, who was the lead guitarist and vocalist for Pink Floyd.

2. Beethoven – 6th sympony

Nowadays I like to listen to classical music during working hours. It really helps me focusing on my task, and also keeps me relaxed when I face a problem. I believe you don’t really get easily upset when you listen to classical music. This CD has been recorded at the Concert Hall of the Czechoslovak Radio (Bratislava), music by: CSR Symphony, the conductor is the Hungarian Michael Halász. Beethoven composed his 6th symphony in 1808.

3. East – Csepel felett az ég

This album is a piece of history. East was one of the first Hungarian progressive rock band, starting their career  in 1975, which was finished in 1994. This album was released in 2012, but it is a record from a concert which was in 1981. The quality of the CD is surprisingly good, pretty much like a studio record. I had a cassette from the band when I was a kid, but that was only a single. I’m not really sure how did I got the album from the net originally, but I know that I’ve always listened to this album a lot when I was writing my dark sci-fi short story and such. I knew I have to get this CD, last week I ordered it, fortunately a shop, 10 minutes far from my flat had it on stock, I’ve received the confirmation email in less than 3 minutes (really nice timing from a webshop), that the CD is ready. The music itself is a bit melancholic, so you have to be in the right mood to listen to it, but if that’s right, this thing is just perfect. The tracks are mixed well together, and you can just float on top of the music.

4. Kow Otani – Shadow of the colossus OST

Not only is this a wonderful background music for the Playstation 2 game: Shadow of the colossus, but  this piece of art is a also servers as great background music for any creative activity, specially painting fantasy and such. The composer, Kow Otani is a japan composer, who created the music for various anime and movie titles (.hack/Quantum, Haibane Renmei, Soultaker, Colorful etc.).

5. Clint Mansell – The fountain OST

Clint Mansell is one of my favorite movie sound track composer. He created the music for these great movies: pi, Requiem for a dream, Doom, Black swan etc. As the movie, the soundtrack is a bit sad, but also sometimes the ray of hope shines trough the soundtracks. Now I wouldn’t recommend this for general relaxing, but sometimes it’s a great moodsetter..

Written by András Kapros
Business coach, well-being coach, aspiring master life coach | András is helping IT and creative professionals to transform their business idea into reality. After 15+ years of experience as a freelancer, and managing IT teams (Front-End, User Experience) in multi-cultural environments in Switzerland and Hungary he took the next step. He transformed his life as well as his career. In 2019 he started working as a business and well-being coach. His Master Life Coach Certification is in progress and will finish within this year. He started his youtube channel in 2020 producing one video per week on topics: entrepreneur mindset, getting unstuck, being efficient, increasing focus. He spent more than 3500 hours on studying personal development and productivity. He wrote and published his first self-help book from scratch in three months. He loves mountain biking, snowboarding, and he is vegan.