Morning routine

Wake up

I wake up now between 5:30 and 6:00. This gives me plenty of time to do my morning routine, have a healthy breakfast, do the most important tasks of the day (only one or two).

Wim Hof breathing exercise

Every morning the first step is to do the Wim Hof breathing exercise. I do 4 repetition of this. It helps me energize, gets more oxygen to the body, and also reminds me to pay attention to my posture throughout the day regardless if I’m walking, sitting in the office or driving. The correct posture helps with proper, deep breathing, which leads to a more relax body and mind and gives better focus. The breathing also helps to prepare for the cold show.

Protein shake

I usually start drinking my morning protein shake at this time. For me it’s important to give enough protein to my body as I exercise every day. Morning protein shakes are also recommended by Tim Ferris in his book: 4 hour work book. Update: now that I exercise less, I skip the shake as my body doesn’t need it.

Cold shower

The cold showers are recommended by Wim Hof. It most certainly have many benefits. The most important that it helps me wake up like nothing else. Keep in mind: start slowly with the showers, never force it and breathe slowly regardless of the feeling. Concentrate on the fire inside you and not on the cold. BTW, if you’re interested, I didn’t start slowly. I just started showering in cold and that’s it, each time longer and longer. Some studies suggest that cold showers are not recommended after a heavy workout as it can slow down the regeneration process, so after these workouts I use lukewarm water.

Warmup / stretch

This video shows a nice warm up session which is perfect to move my body and stretch a bit.


I use madbarz app and the modified version of the pushup routine. I do 3 repetitions and the whole training takes only 10 minutes.


This is a really quick after training stretch, which I usually repeat a couple of times during the day. It’s quick and efficient.


I meditate usually 15 minutes in the morning, always outside. I sit down in front of the apartment house I live in. Luckily there is a small farm next to this house, so I sit in the grass and have a great view. I use insight timer to measure the time for the meditation. I sit in seize and do zazen which is typical for the Zen Buddhist tradition. For more info please visit: OneDropZen

Writing down goals to my notebook

I write down my long term goals in my notebook every day. This idea comes from my partner and she read it in the book from Grant Cardone: Be obsessed or be average.


Ready for breakfast. I almost always eat Birchermüesli for breakfast. See my Instagram feed for photos.

Work on my actions

I finish one or two most important actions (tasks) for the day. This gives me a piece of mind already as I don’t have to worry about these things during the day, so I can focus better on my work. I still achieve a lot after work, however these are my most important goals for the day.

Get to my workplace

I bike to work which takes about 25-35 minutes depending on which roads I choose. I have a quick shower and then I’m ready to focus on my work.

Books mentioned

Written by András Kapros
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