My clients are heroes! It takes strength and courage to recognize the situation that we are in and to have a strong desire to change ourselves, despite all the challenges that it might mean to transform our beliefs.

I’m humbled by the amazing people I had a chance to work with. I’m ever learning and grateful for them for the chance of being able to connect.

Business, career, health coaching – what was your experience during working together?

Testimonial Kiran

I am Kiran, an ascension coach, and a former biology researcher. I worked with András for a little bit more than two months and that was a really great experience which really helped me to ground myself and find more peace and stability in my life. 

When I started, I felt panic at the idea of having a routine and planned my daily life, I was not able to take time to cook for myself or wake up early as my body needs. But now, weeks later, I feel nervous when I have no planning, and I understand I really need a routine to stop to feel panic and overwhelmed. I am cooking for myself almost every day, and I really enjoy taking time for that. And weeks ago, I started to wake up very early and was able to maintain it, such as daily meditation. That was a very big step to introduce early wake-up as it was something I was never able to do on my own. But András gave me every week some small tasks to do and finally, I realized I was able to do a lot more of what I was able to imagine. I am really proud of myself now and I am still working to improve my daily life, one step at the time.

This coaching really helped me to understand more what I needed in my daily life in order to reduce the stress and the feeling to be overwhelmed. I really started to understand that everything needs to be done step by step and that I need to give priority to things that really matters now. So I really learned how to prioritize tasks in my life and that’s pretty nice.

I am really happy to have the opportunity to work with András, and I can’t recommend him more. It’s very comfortable to have a session with him, he is such a really nice and warm person, and I really like to work with people who understand human connection. Thank you!

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