The smart way to go shopping


Did you ever bought a piece of clothing never to wear it, or maximum once or twice? We are often excited about a piece in the shop however when we check it a few days later it’s actually not so exciting anymore, or maybe it was even a bad decision to buy it. There is a smarter way to go about clothes shopping.


The way I shop for clothes, or generally, anything is that I have a list of things which I would like to buy. I keep this clothes shopping list in Evernote, so I can always check the list from my phone. Whenever I have the chance to buy some clothes, I’ll simply check the list and ask directly for the items which I would like to buy. This way I will not buy anything that I don’t need. If I see any additional item which I consider buying I will think it through first and then decide or add it to the list to check. Shopping takes less time as I’m looking for specific things, trying them on or moving to the next shop if they don’t have the ones I’m looking for.

I prefer having a rather minimal wardrobe with easily matchable items. I have to admit that I have a huge collection of biking clothes (after 6-7 years of biking this is probably natural), however, this means I go out biking in each weather condition. Winter time and snowfall are no exceptions.
Clean your wardrobe
For me, it’s a nice feeling when I give away some clothes regardless of the reason. Either the size doesn’t match me anymore or simply because I don’t wear that piece. It’s a good idea to check your wardrobe after each season and give away all the clothes which:
  • You never wear
  • You wore 1-2 times in the last season. Although probably it’s a good idea to keep your suit, even if you don’t wear it that often.
Actually, the same concept could be applied to any shopping
  • Groceries
  • Technical items like gadgets, phones
Although Evernote supports lists with checkmarks check out Wunderlist if you’re looking for a simple checklist software for your phone / browser / computer.

Next steps

  • Clean your wardrobe
  • Write a shopping list of clothes
  • Write a shopping list of other products